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Email Marketing Relay Service

For Daily Transaction Emails Relay
Please sign up our Mail Relay Outbound service

The only Email Marketing Service not limited by number of subscribers or contacts

    Boost your sales by actively connected with your customers through emails

Mail Relay Service
Not limited by the number of subscribers or contacts that you can sent to
We provide the SMTP server for you to send emails
Send emails directly from your email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird, or through programs.
No problems for Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail/Outlook addresses
Plan starts at $5.99/month for 10K emails/month.


Email Marketing Highlights

Alternative SMTP ports - additional ports 25, 26, 940, 587, 8001, 2525 and 80 to void your ISP blocking standard SMTP port 25.
IP Authentication - allows all emails from your chosen IP address to relay through our email marketing server.
Not limited by the number of the subscribers or contacts.
5 MB Message size - the maximum size for your email.
500 recipients per email - the maximum recipients per email message is 500.
Unknown Email Capturing - All User Unknown email addresses are captured and available online for your review.
Upgrade any time- you can upgrade your package anytime and only pay for the differences in price between the packages for the remaining service period.
Sending Log - You can monitor your email sending.

Email Marketing Relay Pricing

Fully refundable within 14 days of the payment if service is not satisfied and not abused.
    10,000 relays per month - $5.99 / month
    20,000 relays per month - $10.99 / month
    30,000 relays per month - $16.99 / month
    50,000 relays per month - $28.99 / month
    75,000 relays per month - $40.99 / month
    100,000 relays per month - $53.99 / month
    125,000 relays per month - $66.99 / month
    150,000 relays per month - $78.99 / month
    175,000 relays per month - $89.99 / month
    200,000 relays per month - $100.99 / month
    250,000 relays per month - $121.99 / month
    300,000 relays per month - $139.99 / month
    350,000 relays per month - $156.99 / month
    400,000 relays per month - $174.99 / month
    500,000 relays per month - $206.99 / month
    650,000 relays per month - $252.99 / month
    800,000 relays per month - $299.99 / month
    1000,000 relays per month - $358.99 / month
One "relay" is counted for each recipient of a message you send. That is, one message, sent to 50 recipients, counts as 50 "relays." 50 different messages, each sent to only one recipient, also counts as 50 "relays." Relay counters are reset each night at midnight in the US Eastern time zone. Please contact us for a quote if you need to send large volume of emails.

Extra monthly charge of $1.25 per IP if you need IP Based Relay to your IP address.




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